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New Music Coming Soon in 2014!!!!!!!

Heres a little taste of what’s to come in 2014! PROJECT ‘QUEEN’ HAS LANDED!

Recording of the album is happening as I write this but in the meantime…..

Check this sneak peek out:  A massive celebration taking part in front of your eyes, this explosive iridescent fusion of genres (Funk, Soul, Jazz, HipHop to name a few) blows the senses musically and visually beyond the realms of order.

I’ve created a visually stimulating musical masterpiece of original compositions and choreography- mixed with Tradition, that offers a fresh perspective on the diverse cultures of the UK. Bringing Soul back to its roots;  Join me for the journey!!!

This is the party you always wanted to be apart of.

This is a Unique manifestation born out of my passion for Music and Traditional African Dance and Song. Think George Clinton and PFunk, meets Jill Scott and Angelique Kidjo! Boom! Xxxxx