Fred Wesley and The New JB’s, Pee Wee Ellis and Lillian Boutté – LEGENDS

In the summer (if you could call it that) of 2013, I got to work with and meet more fantastically talented musicians such as Pee Wee Elis, Fred Wesley and the New JB’s and the beautiful Lillian Boutté (Legends!!). I happened to be the band driver for Fred Wesley and The New JB’s on one particular gig in the UK and enjoyed it so much I almost reassessed my career options 😉 The band were incredible and such lovely warm people it was an honor to be accepted into the fold (Hey Uncle Ernie! X).

I haven’t even begun to talk about the music.

These musical pioneers have inspired generations and still continue to do so, how could you not be compelled to tap your feet, nod your head till your neck hurts or just shack out, the sweat at the end of the night was your badge of honor. It may seem like I’m gushing but trust me, what I’m saying isn’t enough. Just being in the presence of these people made my days that much richer. That’s why I love Music.


Celestine and Fred Wesley

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