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So Team Tom it is!!!

Thank you to all for the massively positive response to my blind audition on last Saturdays 3rd episode of The Voice UK.  A very short but sweet snippet of performance, but there will definitely be more to come.

What viewers didn’t get to see was that dreaded long walk of silence to the centre of the stage and then waiting for the band to kick in. And boy did they kick in #voiceukband. I couldn’t have asked for a funkier debut onto National TV 😉

The studio audience were right on side too, dancing and cheering in their seats and even though no coaches had turned, by the end of my song I was more than satisfied that I had given a performance worthy of the best stages, and happy to go home knowing that I had done myself, my friends and family waiting backstage very proud.

And then he turned!!! Tom, Tom Tom, why’d you make me wait so long?!?! Haha!

Humbled and ecstatic, and with such positive feedback from WilIAm, Kylie, Ricky and of course Tom (not shown on TV), I was more than happy to accept my spot on the team of Sir Tom Jones #chuffedtopieces

So what’s in store next you ask?……The Battles! Stay tuned for more exciting updates! Xxx

Blind Audition on The Voice UK

New Music Coming Soon in 2014!!!!!!!

Heres a little taste of what’s to come in 2014! PROJECT ‘QUEEN’ HAS LANDED!

Recording of the album is happening as I write this but in the meantime…..

Check this sneak peek out:  A massive celebration taking part in front of your eyes, this explosive iridescent fusion of genres (Funk, Soul, Jazz, HipHop to name a few) blows the senses musically and visually beyond the realms of order.

I’ve created a visually stimulating musical masterpiece of original compositions and choreography- mixed with Tradition, that offers a fresh perspective on the diverse cultures of the UK. Bringing Soul back to its roots;  Join me for the journey!!!

This is the party you always wanted to be apart of.

This is a Unique manifestation born out of my passion for Music and Traditional African Dance and Song. Think George Clinton and PFunk, meets Jill Scott and Angelique Kidjo! Boom! Xxxxx


7:00 pmto8:00 pm

This Saturday 25th January, I’ll be singing my heart out on the 3rd episode of The Voice Blind Auditions!

What an exciting moment taking to the stage (regardless of the amount of thoughts running through my mind and a ridiculous amount of butterflies trying to take flight in my stomach) and having the opportunity to represent music I love on a global platform. Its not every day you get to sing to (well the back of anyway!) Sir Tom Jones,, Kylie Minogue and Ricky, I had to make the most of it.

When I hit my mark. It was on. You’ll see 😉

The one thing I wanted to get across was my love and passion for Music (Soul and Funk in particular) and Traditional African dance and an idea of the artist I am. I walked away feeling that I did that. There are so many things I could say about the experience but I’ll wait to share!

Watch ‘The Voice’ tomorrow on BBC1 @ 7pm for the outcome. X

Fred Wesley and The New JB’s, Pee Wee Ellis and Lillian Boutté – LEGENDS

In the summer (if you could call it that) of 2013, I got to work with and meet more fantastically talented musicians such as Pee Wee Elis, Fred Wesley and the New JB’s and the beautiful Lillian Boutté (Legends!!). I happened to be the band driver for Fred Wesley and The New JB’s on one particular gig in the UK and enjoyed it so much I almost reassessed my career options 😉 The band were incredible and such lovely warm people it was an honor to be accepted into the fold (Hey Uncle Ernie! X).

I haven’t even begun to talk about the music.

These musical pioneers have inspired generations and still continue to do so, how could you not be compelled to tap your feet, nod your head till your neck hurts or just shack out, the sweat at the end of the night was your badge of honor. It may seem like I’m gushing but trust me, what I’m saying isn’t enough. Just being in the presence of these people made my days that much richer. That’s why I love Music.


Celestine and Fred Wesley

As I welcome 2014, I give Thanks to 2013 Xxx

Celestine Walcott-GordonIts been a while since I wrote and recorded my first album “Secret Side” and whilst there have been plenty of collaborations in the past couple of years; they just fell short of representing who I really am.

Between 2012 and 2013 my affirmation was simple;

I have a vision of myself that only I can begin to manifest

Inspired by World Music, 80’s and 90’s RnB and HipHop, which was the soundtrack of my youth, and Traditional African Dance from all over the continent. I embarked on another jam-packed journey with music and dance as my mode of transport/vehicle,

Celestine Walcott-GordonWith a newfound and ever growing inspiration, deepened relationships with myself and those around me and an unshakeable assurance in my purpose, I moved forward with the project of my dreams – fusing my African dance with my Soul music! Once I sat down to create, the music and lyrics poured out of me like an uncontrollable fountain and I was left relieved and drenched!

2013 marked a shift in attitude and focus for me, was it because I turned 30? Was it because I was dancing more? Was it because of my children turning a whole year older!?!?

All I know is that when I looked around me at the friends, family and musicians in my life, I felt a huge surge of pride and positive energy, like anything is possible.

My new music is overflowing with the same excitement and passion that I have for dance, song and life, highlighting identity, empowerment, sensuality and purpose and the result of this can be heard in 2014!

Witness the Manifestation!!! X